RedFox AI Secures $50,000 Investment from CU Ventures and Announces Strategic Channel Partnership with the Center for Simulation & Innovation

Nick Myers

May 7, 2024

RedFox AI Secures $50,000 Investment from CU Ventures and Announces Strategic Channel Partnership with the Center for Simulation & Innovation

Madison, Wis.: RedFox AI, a leading digital health and artificial intelligence startup, is excited to announce a $50,000 investment from CU Ventures, a Concordia University-affiliated venture capital firm known for backing innovative digital health and technology startups. This new funding marks a pivotal moment in RedFox AI's journey, enabling the company to further its development and expand its impact on simplifying home lab testing and medical device use. In a parallel development, RedFox AI is proud to announce a strategic channel partnership with the Center for Simulation & Innovation (CSI), a leader in the field of AR/VR technology and innovation. 


This investment from CU Ventures is not just a financial boost but a strategic alliance that underscores a shared belief in the transformative potential of conversational and constrained AI technologies. The funding will be instrumental in accelerating RedFox AI’s go-to-market efforts, expanding its talented team, and advancing its vision of simplifying home lab testing, one conversation at a time. 


"We are thrilled to have the support of CU Ventures as we continue to push the boundaries of constrained AI technologies to make home lab testing more accessible," said Nick Myers, CEO of RedFox AI. "Their investment is a vote of confidence in our vision and our team, and it provides us with the resources we need to continue achieving our milestones." 


In addition to the CU Ventures investment, RedFox AI has also entered a channel partnership with the Center for Simulation & Innovation, a move that will leverage both organizations' strengths to offer a product suite that consists of both non-constrained and constrained AI technologies. This partnership is set to help CSI expand into more regulated markets such as education and healthcare leveraging RedFox AIs constrained conversational AI technology. 


"The partnership with RedFox AI is timely, exciting, and enabling for CSI as we are only now spinning it out and raising angel funds to form csiSIM" commented Dan Sem, President of CU Ventures and acting COO of csiSIM. "Thanks to this partnership we have expanded AI capability, especially in the healthcare space that RedFox does so well." 





 About RedFox AI 


RedFox AI is a leading digital healthcare and Artificial Intelligence startup headquartered in Madison, WI. RedFox AI’s flagship product, RedFox Navigator™, is an interactive and constrained AI agent accessible on any smartphone that simplifies home lab testing and device use for patients, boosting adherence, increasing accessibility, and providing manufacturers with essential product insights. 


About CU Ventures 


CU Ventures is a Concordia University-affiliated early-stage philanthropic venture capital firm that aims to commercialize ideas, products, and startup companies that are promulgated by the faculty, staff, students, alumni, and friends of the university. Revenue generated by CU Ventures goes to support scholarships and grants. CU Ventures' direct investment opportunities are made possible by the Concordia Angel Network of accredited investors. 


About the Center for Simulation & Innovation 


A spin-out from Concordia University, the Center for Simulation & Innovation (CSI) is on a mission to change the learning and training landscape through the use of immersive simulation-based technology and experiences. Over the years, CSI has expanded its simulation capabilities to include video recording and portable simulation training using its 360-degree camera capability and augmented and virtual reality. 



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