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We're on a mission to make healthcare more accessible, engaging, and actionable.

For every person. One step at a time.

Nick Myers in hospital bed

We envision a world where navigating the complexities of healthcare no longer exists.

"At young a age, I experienced firsthand the broad inequities and lack of accessibility plaguing our healthcare system undergoing treatment for childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. I watched my parents struggle countless times trying to navigate the complex instructions of various therapeutics, biologics, diagnostics, and medications as part of my outpatient treatment plan. As the COVID-19 pandemic began I saw the same inequities and lack of accessibility emerge for millions of people across the world who, for the first time, were responsible for their healthcare at home. This led me to approach my co-founder Brett asking the question: How can we leverage emerging technology like conversational AI to make healthcare more accessible, engaging, and actionable for every person? The problem we have set out to solve is deeply personal. This is the origin story of RedFox."

- Nick Myers, CEO of RedFox AI

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