Using AI to engage your patients has never been easier


Patient's receive an email or SMS notification with a link to use RedFox before they begin their test.


Patients are taken to a webpage (accessible on any smartphone), tap on the RedFox interactive badge, and are instructed to scan the barcode on their test kit.


RedFox Navigator begins verbally interacting with the patient guiding them through the process and assisting with any troubleshooting requests.


Data is collected and compiled into a customizable analytics dashboard so you can start gaining key insights.

Our Focus Areas

Diagnostic Testing

Enhance patient engagement and accessibility at the point of care with RedFox. Our platform extends to a wide array of diagnostic tests such as allergy, A1C, colon cancer, COVID-19/Flu, food sensitivity, DNA, drug, HIV/STD, and many others.

Medical Devices

Most patients find using a home-use medical device similar to acquiring proficiency in a foreign language. RedFox ensures proper device setup and provides around-the-clock support to patients during at the time they need it most.


Pharmaceutical and drug adherence represents a prominent issue within modern healthcare. Ensuring your patients' strict adherence to medication is imperative, and RedFox is the platform that closes the adherence gap.

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Our Ideal Customer

If you don't check all the boxes, it doesn't mean that we can't help you. But a majority of the following ring true in our most successful customer engagements.

Our best-fit customers...

✅ Are midsized and enterprise B2C or B2B2C home diagnostic test kit or medical device manufacturers ($30M - $1B+ in annual revenue) doing business in the United States

✅ Require that their home diagnostic test kit be returned to a lab upon completion, or verifiable proof that their test kit or medical device has been completed/set up accurately

✅ Primarily realize their revenue via reimbursement from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and health insurance providers

✅ Actively monitor and track patient adherence with their test kit or medical device

✅ Are interested in long-term strategy (not quick, cheap fixes) for growing their top and bottom lines

✅ Are ready and willing to invest in new technology solutions

✅ Are prepared to commit the time and attention of relevant stakeholders (EX. Executive, customer experience, customer support, IT) both at the beginning of the engagement and throughout the process


1. How long does it take to deploy RedFox Navigator™?

Our industry-leading AI training system allows us to swiftly digitize and train the RedFox Navigator system on your Instructions For Use (IFU) and customer support documentation in as little as 90 days.

2. Is RedFox Navigator™ multilingual?

The RedFox Navigator system can be trained to understand and engage patients in more than 90 different languages including English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Mandarin.

Please inquire for a full list of supported languages.

3. What types of diagnostic testing or pharmaceuticals is RedFox Navigator™ compatible with?

The RedFox Navigator system is compatible with any diagnostic test, medical device, or pharmaceutical product that contains Instructions For Use (IFU) documentation.

4. Can RedFox Navigator™ integrate with my Electronic Health Record (EHR)?

RedFox Navigator has been designed to function without the need to collect patient health information (PHI) unless absolutely necessary. This eliminates the need for integration with your EHR removing hurdles for you and increases the speed and efficiency of integrating the system into your current workflow.

If required, RedFox Navigator can be integrated with today's leading EHR systems such as Epic and Cerner. Please inquire for more details.

5. Is RedFox Navigator™ HIPAA Compliant?

The RedFox Navigator system is HIPAA compliant. We maintain active Business Associate Agreements with our cloud service providers Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

6. Is RedFox Navigator™ white-labeled to reflect my brand?

Yes. RedFox Navigator is a white-labeled system. Our custom branding options allow you to tailor the RedFox Navigator experience to match your unique brand identity, ensuring seamless and professional integration into your existing ecosystem.

It's time to make your diagnostic testing more accessible, engaging, and actionable.

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