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Embrace the Power

of Voice for Biotech

Help your patients take control of their health

using voice technology to build trust and

improve the efficacy of your in-home test.

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What we do

V LAB helps Biotech embrace the innovative power of Voice to dramatically improve the patient experience for in-home testing.

How voice can help

Increase revenue, reduce costs and improve the home health experience of your patients while building trust and brand loyalty.

Reduce operational costs by
Increase patient satisfaction by
Increase your brand presence and loyalty by

Personalise Your Patient Home Health Experience

V Lab by RedFox Al is the only voice-powered platform for Alexa and Google Assistant that helps you reduce costs and improve patient outcomes for your at-home diagnostic test. The V Lab system allows you to:

Improve The Patient Journey

Our system acts a guide to ensure your patients feel comfortable and confident while completing their test. Happy patients = better and more accurate results.

Increase Test Efficacy

Ensure that your patients always remember to submit their test by sending automated reminders directly to their Amazon Echo. Google Nest. or SMS-enabled device.

Reduce Operational Costs

Automate your patient call center and reduce your operational costs by as much as 30% by offering on-demand and 24/7 Q&A for every patient.

Analyze Patient Feedback

Collect valuable information from patients in real-time with voice activated surveys that help you to continuously optimize your at-home test and patient experience.


What Our Clients Say

Embrace the Innovative Power of Voice for Your In-Home Test.

Personalize the patient experience for your at-home test like never before by leveraging Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.



🗸 Voice Strategy Plan Report


🗸 Database & Memory


🗸 Persona Design


🗸 Basic Q&A


🗸 About & Contact Intents


🗸 Custom Dialog


🗸 Standard Voices



🗸  Basic+


🗸 Unlimited Database & Memory


🗸 Custom Graphics


🗸  Advanced Audio


🗸  Voice Talent


🗸 Custom Synthesized Voice


🗸 Alexa Polly/NTTS Voice


🗸 Advanced Conversation Design



🗸 Advanced+


🗸 Custom API Integrations


🗸 Hardware & SMS Notifications


🗸 Virtual Contact Center (Unlimited Q&A)


🗸  Payment Integration


🗸 PII Collection Management



Meet the team

Our Leadership team

founder & ChairMan of The board

Nick Myers

Nick Myers is the Founder & CEO of RedFox AI. Nick is a TEDx and International Keynote Speaker having spoken around the world about Artificial Intelligence and voice technology. Nick has been featured in publications such as PR Daily, In Business Magazine, and the Journal of Digital & Social Media Marketing.

co-founder & cto

Brett Brooks

Brett Brooks is the Co-Founder & CTO of RedFox AI. Brett is an AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder and holds a variety of programming language certifications in C#, Python 3, JavaScript, and Node.js. Brett has hosted international workshops on voice app design and development for Alexa and Google Assistant.

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