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Make your diagnostic testing more accessible, engaging, and actionable.

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Experience seamless patient engagement with

RedFox Navigator™,

the conversational AI solution for accessible, engaging, and actionable patient engagement. Close the gap between you and your patients, increase adherence, and be there at the point of care.

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Increase patient adherence and compliance

RedFox Navigator automates test facilitation, troubleshooting, and kit return notifications ensuring an efficient, accurate, and effective patient experience. When patients stay engaged you see a boost in adherence up to 10%.

Reduce customer support costs

Automate your customer support channels freeing up live agents for more important tasks. With 24/7/365 support up to Level II, RedFox Navigator helps reduce your customer support costs by as much as 30%.

Gather critical data points

Maximize your insights with comprehensive patient point-of-care interaction. Track success and failure rates enabling you to identify crucial patterns and trends.

Improve CMS and health plan ratings

Level up your STAR and HEDIS ratings which are critical for Medicare and health plan patients when it comes to choosing a diagnostic or healthcare service.

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The RedFox Guarantee

Improve your patient adherence rate by at least 1% within 12 months - guaranteed