Social Media Marketing Institute


January 15, 2020


Custom Voice App

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In October of 2019, RedFox AI entered a partnership with the Social Media Marketing Institute (SMMI) to design and develop a custom voice app for their organization. SMMI is an international professional development organization that represents social media marketers and the social media industry around the world. 


We chose to develop SMMI’s voice app using Google’s Assistant voice assistant. The goal of the project was to allow prospective members to learn more about SMMI via personalized audio interviews with the organization’s leadership and Ambassador’s. Prospective members will also be able to register to become a member of SMMI and pay for their annual membership via Google Assistant.


RedFox AI is also developing functionality that will allow people to register for SMMI’s Social Media Marketing Summit and Social Media Marketing Awards. The SMMI Google Action is expected to launch by the end of Q3 2020.